IEEE Global Communications Conference
9-13 December 2019 // Waikoloa, HI, USA
Revolutionizing Communications


WS-01: Research Advancements in Future Networking Technologies (RAFNET)
WS-02: New and Disruptive Technologies and Applications for Mobile Edge/Fog Computing (MobileEdgeCom)
WS-03: V2X Technologies for Next Generation Driving Paradigm
WS-04: Computational Intelligence and Big Data Towards Trustworthy IoT
WS-05: Emerging Technologies of Open Networks for 5G/B5G
WS-06: High Capacity Point-to-Point Wireless Communications
WS-07: Artificial Intelligence for Next-Generations Wireless Communications
WS-08: Intelligent Wireless Emergency Communications Networks (IWECN)
WS-09: Cyber-Physical Energy System for Sustainable ICT (CYPESS)
WS-10: Advanced Mobile Edge/Fog Computing for 5G Mobile Networks and Beyond
WS-11: Intelligent and Cognitive Space, Terrestrial and Ocean Internet, Systems and Applications
WS-12: Space-Ground Integrated Networks (SGINs)
WS-13: Wireless Edge Intelligence
WS-14: Edge Computing for Cyber Physical Systems (EDGE-CPS)
WS-15: Impact of Artifical Intelligence on Internet of Things
WS-16: Computing-Centric Drone Networks
WS-17: High-Dimensional, Low-Resolution Architectures for Power-Efficient Wireless Communications
WS-18: Machine Learning for Wireless Communications
WS-19: Terahertz Communications
WS-20: Security and Privacy in Smart, Cooperative IoT and CPS
WS-21: Future Internet Architecture, Technologies and Services for 2030 and Beyond
WS-22: Advancements in Spectrum Sharing
WS-23: Future Wireless Access for Industrial IoT (FutureIIoT)
WS-24: Quantum Communications and Information Technology 2019 (QCIT)
WS-25: The Advances of the Internet of Things and Cloud for Smart Connected Living (AIoTCSCL)
WS-26: 5G Wireless Security (5G-Security 2019)
WS-27: Telecommunications and Blockchain: Emerging Technologies for the Next Decade and Beyond
WS-28: Information-Centric Edge Computing