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Call for Industry Training Proposals

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IEEE GLOBECOM 2019 will offer industry trainings, in which instructor(s) will provide a tutorial of the technologies, services, applications and economic implications, with expanded topics towards a group of focused industry audiences. The instructor will present the topics of interest, be able to deep dive, engage in dialogues, and offer reference pointers for further study.  An Industry Training may include presentations, demos, show of equipment, exercises and any other relevant content.

Please address proposals (in MS Word format) and questions to Rulei Ting, Industry Training Chair,  The proposal deadline is June 1, 2019 June 28, 2019.


Topics of Interests

IEEE GLOBECOM 2019 seeks industry training proposals on new and emerging topics within the scope of communications and networking. Topics include but are not limited to the following:

  1. 5G Services, Implementations and Standards
  2. Industrial and Medical Robots
  3. Drone Applications, Technologies and Challenges
  4. Internet of Things and Big Data
  5. AI and Machine Learning
  6. Smart Cars and Cities
  7. Social Networking and Security
  8. Cloud and Fog / Edge Computing, Networking and Storage
  9. Emerging Technologies for Public Safety
  10. SDN and Virtualization
  11. Electronic Commerce Including Blockchain Applications and Infrastructures to support it.

Proposal Format

  1. Contact Information (Include co-developers - name, address, affiliation, phone number, and email.)
  2. Course Title (Add subtitle if applicable.)
  3. How many hours of instruction are covered in the course? (exclude breaks)
    _____ 3 hours - half day
    _____ 6 hours - one day
    _____ 12 hours - two days
    _____ 20 hours - three days live; five days online

  4. Who is the course intended for?  What types of companies/industry would be interested in this course?  What positions/titles would potential participants hold in a company?
  5. What is the level of instruction? Any prerequisites for this course? (Introductory; Intermediate; or Advanced level?)
  6. Why is the course needed? What information is presented in this course that isn't readily available anywhere else?
  7. In your opinion, what is the potential size of the target audience for this course? 
    Small – very targeted, limited audience with specialized set of skills
    Medium – broader audience with several organizations / companies that would be interested in the topic
    Large – widespread audience, numerous organizations / companies that would be interested in this topic
  8. Competition - List other courses offered that would be considered similar to this one. (Include the title and course provider.)
  9. Course Description - Provide as much detail as possible including both a general overview and a detailed rundown of the subjects covered. Are there any prerequisites for attendees?
  10. Course Outline (Provide the timing of the course [topic and duration of instruction, ex: introduction, half hour; LTE 3 hours, etc.] along with the teaching sequence.)
  11. Define the Performance Objectives - What are five (or more) practical skills course participants will walk away from this course knowing?
  12. Can you provide 1 or 2 case studies to illustrate practical applications? 
    Yes                                No                          Please elaborate.
  13. Can you provide review questions (mix of multiple choice; True / False) with corresponding answer key?  Approximately three to four review questions should be provided per hour of course instruction. 
    Yes                                No                      
  14. Have you developed supporting Power Point slides and speaking notes for this course?  
    Yes                                No                       
    Typically for a one-day course 105-125 slides are necessary; for a 3 day live or 5 day online course, 420-450 slides are necessary. Roughly, plan on using 20 slides per hour of instruction.
    If you have slides already prepared, how many do you have for this course?

  15. If not, how long will it take you to develop the supporting materials? (This includes: graphics / copy / talking points / Q&A exercises)?
  16. Are you interested in teaching the course for ComSoc Training in addition to developing the course?       Yes                                No                                
  17. Peer review.
    Please provide the names and email addresses of two peer reviewers that you would recommend for this proposed course.
    1. _____________________ (name)   _____________________ (email)
    2. _____________________ (name)   _____________________ (email)

Tell us a little more about yourself:

  1. How long have you worked in communications engineering?
    Industry                     years
    Academia                  years

  2. Are you a member of the IEEE Communications Society?
     Yes                                No                           
  3. Are you currently a ComSoc Training Instructor? 
    Yes                                No                                         
  4. Have you previously been an instructor for topics in the field of communications engineering?
    Yes                                No                                         
    If "Yes", please provide details (e.g., topic[s], location[s], date[s], etc.).                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

Tell us about your fee sturcutures:



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Submit your completed form and attachment(s) to:
IEEE GLOBECOM 2019, Industry Training, c/o Rulei Ting via email



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