IEEE Global Communications Conference
9-13 December 2019 // Waikoloa, HI, USA
Revolutionizing Communications

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  1. Ali Rahmati
    Institution: North Carolina State University, USA
    Title: Interference Avoidance in UAV-Assisted Networks: Joint 3D Trajectory Design and Power Allocation
  2. Chao Yang
    Institution: Auburn University, USA
    Title: RFID-based Driving Fatigue Detection
  3. Foad Hajiaghajani
    Institution: University at Buffalo, USA
    Title: Tailgating Risk-Aware Beacon Rate Adaptation for Distributed Congestion Control in VANETs TDMR Detection System with Local Area Influence Probabilistic a Priori Detector
  4. Hao Gao
    Institution: University of Houston, USA
    Title: Mean Field Evolutionary Dynamics in Ultra Dense Mobile Edge Computing Systmems
  5. Mehdi Ganji
    Institution: University of California (Irvine), USA
    Title: A Block-based Non-orthogonal Multicarrier Scheme
  6. Lan Zhang
    Institution: University of Florida, USA
    Title: Learning-based mmWave V2I Environment Augmentation through Tunable Reflectors
  7. Laxima Niure Kandel
    Institution: Stevens Institute of technology, USA
    Title: Exploiting CSI-MIMO for Accurate and Efficient Device Identification
  8. Mehmet Dedeoglu
    Institution: Arizona State University, USA
  9. Jingjing Yao
    Institution: New Jersey Institute of Technology, USA
    Title: Joint Drone Association and Content Placement in Cache-Enabled Internet of Drones
  10. Rui Hu
    Institution: University of Texas at San Antonio, USA
    Title: Targeted Poisoning Attacks on Social Recommender Systems
  11. Sonia Naderi
    Institution: University of Maine, USA
    Title: Using Physical Layer Network Coding to Improve NOMA System Throughput with Energy Harvesting Users
  12. Sohan Gyawali
    Institution: University of Nebraska Lincoln, USA
    Title: Resource Allocation in Vehicular Communications using Graph and Deep Reinforcement Learning
  13. Genya Ishigaki
    Institution: The University of Texas at Dallas, USA
    Title: DeepPR: Incremental Recovery for Interdependent VNFs with Deep Reinforcement Learning
  14. Yihan Zou
    Institution: Purdue University, USA
    Title: Low-overhead Multi-antenna-enabled Random Access for Machine-type Communications with Low Mobility
  15. Debashri Roy
    Institution: University of Central Florida, USA
    Title: Defense against PUE Attacks in DSA Networks using GAN based Learning
  16. Diluka Aravinda Loku Galappaththige
    Institution: Southern Illinois University (Carbondale), USA
    Title: Active Pilot Contamination Attack Detection in Sub-6 GHz Massive MIMO NOMA Systems


  1. Marwen Zorgui
    Institution: University of California (Irvine), USA
    Title: Non-Stationary Polar Codes for Resistive Memories
  2. Chiranjib Saha
    Institution: Virginia Tech, USA
    Title: Machine Learning meets Stochastic Geometry: Determinantal Subset Selection for Wireless Networks
  3. Aidin Ferdowsi
    Institution: Virginia Tech, USA
    Title: Generative Adversarial Networks for Distributed Intrusion Detection in the Internet of Things, Deep Reinforcement Learning for Minimizing Age-of-Information in UAV-assisted Networks
  4. Xiaoyu Zhao
    Institution: Tsinghua University, China
    Title: Queue-Aware Variable-Length Coding for Ultra-Reliable and Low-Latency Communications
  5. John W. Heron
    Institution: Durham University, United Kingdom
    Title: Smart Electric Vehicle Charging with Ideal and Practical Communications in Smart Grids
  6. Kaidi Wang
    Institution: The University of Manchester, United Kingdom
    Title: 1. Joint Optimization of Task Assignment and Power Allocation for NOMA-aided MEC Systems; 2. Optimal Task Assignment and Power Allocation for Downlink NOMA MEC Networks
  7. Di Wu
    Institution: New Jersey Institute of Technology, USA
    Title: A Cooperative Drone Assisted Mobile Access Network for Disaster Emergency Communications
  8. Muhammad Shahmeer Omar
    Institution: Georgia Institute of Technology, USA
    Title: Designing OCDM-based Multi-user Transmissions
  9. Pooya Nabavi
    Institution: University of Central Florida, USA
    Title: Performance Analysis of Air-to-Water Optical Wireless Communication Using SPADs
  10. Alberto Martínez Alba
    Institution: Technical University of Munich, Germany
    Title: A Dynamic Functional Split in 5G Radio Access Networks
  11. Alessandro Lieto
    Institution: Politecnico di Milano, Italy
    Title: Quantifying the gain of dynamic network slicing under stringent constraints
  12. Yi-Chen Wu
    Institution: National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan
    Title: A Learning-based Expected Best Offloading Strategy in Wireless Edge Networks
  13. Rasmus Vestergaard
    Institution: Aarhus University, Denmark
    Title: Generalized Deduplication: Bounds, Convergence, and Asymptotic Properties
  14. Claas Tebruegge
    Institution: HELLA GmbH & Co. KGaA/Paderborn University, Germany
    Title: Reduced Multiuser-Interference for Vehicular VLC using SDMA and Matrix Headlights
  15. Yuan Chai
    Institution: The University of Manchester, United Kingdom
    Title: An effective routing with delay minimization for multi-hop wireless mesh network
  16. Willaim Fernando Villota Jácome
    Institution: State University of Campinas, Brazil
    Title: Delay Estimation in Fogs based on Software-Defined Networking
  17. Miao Qu
    Institution: Hanyang university, South Korea
    Title: Distributed Fair Channel Access in NOMA Random Access Systems
  18. Yao Du
    Institution: University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, China
    Title: Trajectory Design of Laser-Powered Multi-Drone Enabled Data Collection System for Smart Cities
  19. Jiaqi Huang
    Institution: University of Nebraska-Lincoln, USA
    Title: A Vehicle-Assisted Data Offloading in Mobile Edge Computing Enabled Vehicular Networks
  20. Danyan Lan
    Institution: Tongji University, China
    Title: Transmission Design for Energy-Efficient Vehicular Networks with Multiple Delay-limited Applications
  21. Xiaodan Shao
    Institution: Zhejiang University, China
    Title: Low-Complexity Design of Massive Device Detection via Riemannian Pursuit
  22. Yingjian Wu
    Institution: Boston College, USA
    Title: Reliable Broadcast in Networks with Trusted Nodes
  23. Matthew Bliss
    Institution: Purdue University, USA
    Title: Trajectory Optimization for Rotary-Wing UAVs in Wireless Networks with Random Requests
  24. Ali Bulut Üçüncü
    Institution: Middle East Technical University, Turkey
    Title: Performance of One-Bit Massive MIMO With Oversampling Under Adjacent Channel Interference
  25. Jing Yang
    Institution: Huazhong University of Science & Technology, China
    Title: Power-Consumption Outage Challenge in Next-Generation Cellular Networks
  26. Marzieh Najafi
    Institution: Friedrich- Alexander-University Erlangen-Nuremberg, Germany
    Title: Intelligent Reflecting Surfaces for Free Space Optical Communications
  27. Lucas Rodrigues Costa
    Institution: University of Brasilia, Brazil
    Title: Achieving Energy Efficiency and Performance with Auxiliary Graph Model in Elastic Optical Networks
  28. Sangeeta Bhattacharjee
    Institution: Indian Institute of Engineering Science and Technology, India
    Title: Friendly Jamming Assisted Secure Cooperative Multicasting in Cognitive Radio-NOMA Networks
  29. Ricardo Santos
    Institution: Karlstad University, Sweden
    Title: Fast Steerable Wireless Backhaul Reconfiguration
  30. Kangjian Chen
    Institution: Southeast University, China
    Title: Simultaneous Multiuser Beam Training using Adaptive Hierarchical Codebook for mmWave Massive MIMO
  31. Yuxuan Sun
    Institution: Tsinghua University, China
    Title: Heterogeneous Coded Computation across Heterogeneous Workers
  32. Yi-Feng(Yvonne) Huang
    Institution: National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan
    Title: On Sum-Rate Maximization in CR-Assisted Heterogeneous LTE-LAA Networks
  33. Chao Huang
    Institution: The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong
    Title: Crowdsourcing with Heterogeneous Workers in Social Networks
  34. Ignas Laurinavicius
    Institution: University of Kent, United Kingdom
    Title: Beam Squint Exploitation for Linear Phased Arrays in a mmWave Multi-Carrier System
  35. Andressa Vergütz
    Institution: Federal University of Paraná, Brazil
    Title: A Method for Identifying eHealth Applications using Side-Channel Information
  36. Kensuke Nagaya
    Institution: Waseda University, Japan
    Title: Design of Ultrasonic Wireless Power Transfer System
  37. Massimiliano Maule
    Institution: Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, Spain
    Title: Real-time Dynamic Network Slicing for the 5G Radio Access Network
  38. Takuto Mitsuhashi
    Institution: Tohoku University, Japan
    Title: Controlling UAV for Maximizing the Number of Receiver Vehicles in Intelligent Transportation Systems
  39. Bryan Chen Liu
    Institution: The University of New South Wales, Australia
    Title: Deep Learning Assisted User Identification in Massive Machine-Type Communications
  40. Yang Lu
    Institution: Beijing Jiaotong University, China
    Title: Robust Energy-Efficient Beamforming in MISO Networks With Dynamic Energy Consumption Model
  41. Eunjeong Park
    Institution: Seoul National University, South Korea
    Title: AdaptaBLE: Data Rate and Transmission Power Adaptation for Bluetooth Low Energy
  42. Haobo Zhang
    Institution: Peking University, China
    Title: Peer-to-Peer Energy Trading in DC Packetized Power Microgrids Using Iterative Auction
  43. Rui Huang
    Institution: University of British Columbia, Canada
    Title: Throughput Optimization in Grant-Free NOMA with Deep Reinforcement Learning
  44. Yan Liu
    Institution: Queen Mary University of London, United Kingdom
    Title: Random Access Performance for Three Coverage Enhancement Groups in NB-IoT Networks
  45. Quang Nhat Le
    Institution: Memorial University, Canada
    Title: Outage Performance of Full-Duplex Overlay CR-NOMA Networks with SWIPT
  46. Yaqian Zhang
    Institution: Xidian University, China
    Title: Wireless backhaul: intrinsic bottleneck of ultra-dense networks
  47. Yuzhen Ding
    Institution: Xiamen University, China
    Title: QoE-Aware Power Control for UAV-aided Media Transmission with Reinforcement Learning
  48. Jingyu Xiong
    Institution: Xidian University, China
    Title: Collaborative Computation Offloading at UAV-Enhanced Edge
  49. Lei Zhao
    Institution: University of Victoria, Canada
    Title: Adaptive Content Placement in Edge Networks Based on Hybrid User Preference Learning
  50. Fuli Qiao
    Institution: Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China
    Title: Making Big Data Intelligent Storable at the Edge: Storage Resource Intelligent Orchestration
  51. Takuo Mitsuhashi
    Institution: Tohoku University, Japan
    Title: Controlling UAV for Maximizing the Number of Receiver Vehicles in Intelligent Transportation Systems
  52. Ishmam Zabir
    Institution: University of California (Riverside), USA
    Title: Secure Downlink Transmission to Full-Duplex User Against Randomly Located Eavesdroppers
  53. Ethan Liang
    Institution: Stanford University, USA
    Title: List-Decoded Tail-Biting Convolutional Codes with Distance-Spectrum Optimal CRCs for 5G.
  54. Hengjie Yang
    Institution: University of California, USA
    Title: A List-Decoding Approach to Low-Complexity Soft Maximum-Likelihood Decoding of Cyclic Codes



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